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Common pests


Rats can transmit many diseases to humans, including salmonellosis (food poisoning) and Weils disease, usually from the urine of infected rats. Rats may also cause considerable damage to buildings, foundations and other structures due to gnawing and burrowing.


Wasp nests are made from a wood pulp material. The wasps strip small slivers of wood from fence panels and sheds or any other dead wood available, they take this wood back to the nest where young wasp larvae turn this wood into a paste which is made from wood, saliva and wax. The adult wasps use this paste to construct the nest. This material is strong yet lightweight and waterproof to a degree.


Ants are considered one of the most difficult pests to control, along with bed bugs, because colonies often contain upwards of thousands of members. If you notice ants inside the home, its important to contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the problem. You have already made the first step...


The natural and constant gnawing habit of mice means they can also cause damage to your property, furnishings and equipment. In addition to the damage caused through gnawing, mice have been known to spread diseases such as salmonella and listeria, which lead to food poisoning and stomach upsets.


Moles are burrowing animals with poor eyesight that reach a length of between 6 and 12 inches. These garden pests remain largely underground, but they show signs of their activity and damage. Catching the infestation early is key to getting rid of the moles before they cause major damage to your lawn.


Roaches have become such widespread pests because they thrive on very little. The insects require three things: water, food and warm shelter. Signs of cockroach infestation may include a smell, small spindle shaped droppings (similar to mouse droppings, but usually smaller) and dead cockroach bodies.